Jonathan Bigi is a photographer from south of France. After finishing his business school in Aix-en-Provence,
he decided to go in South America for several months to explore something else than money making.
Back in France, he went to Paris to assit and learn from professionals photographers.
Operating in the retail world, it’s been now 2 years that « Joe » arrived in Montreal, devoting his free time to his passion, Photography.


Claude Dolbec, is by definition, what we call a local legend.
Over 40 years, he walked the streets of Montreal with its brushes, signing and painting
all the windows and interiors of restaurants, bars, shops and whatever its fingers can touch.
Never tired, never bored, never alone, Claude is still devoted to his art,
doing his work like always, with passion and devotion.
A legend.



Photo credit (polaroïd) by Jonathan Bigi

Born in Paris, Jérôme Bocchio is influenced from an early age by a cosmopolitan world.
Taking inspiration from his mixed origins, he will express his vision of elegance and sophistication through his leatherwork.
After learning his technique from one of the most reknown leather schools in North America,
he is taken under the wing of a master leather craftsman and decided to create his eponymous label in 2014.
The Jerome Bocchio line is marked by its quality leather selection, hand expertise and daring cuts.
On the occasion of the launch of his first collection,
he will also introduce a line of urban chic jewellery that compliments his leather creations.



Photo credit  (polaroïd) by Jonathan Bigi


Maison Sociale is Mile’s End exciting new community social space offering patrons a laid back and atmosphere,
first rate service and excellent coffee, food and drinks. For some an engaging radio lounge, others a relaxed cafe and still others
their favourite new restaurant and pub, Maison Sociale offers each of its guests a unique experience.



Maxime arrived in Montreal five years ago.
He came there for work where it is manager strategist.
It is Longboarder porfessionnel and since he has practiced in Montreal bike with Bike Team i.


Romain Albertini is an Art Director based in Montréal, Canada.
He produce Graphic Design & Art Direction along
with typography, photography, illustration.


The beat the hand is an illegal race that takes place on St. Laurent Boulevard, from one end to the other of the island.
While Google Map calculates 44 minutes journey, some participants realize it in 16 minutes.
The goal is to reach as soon as one end of the island to the other through traffic.

Crédit photo: Chat de ruelle


C&L Cycle co. was founded in Montreal by Jean-Michel Cauvin and Jean-Daniel Lafleur.
Combining passion and craftsmanship to create lightweight bicycles,
C& L Cycle brings local custom designed and manufactured parts to the Montreal market.
Available for purchase online and in-store at the C&L Cycle Shop, items have been designed with a consummate eye for detail.

With C&L Cycle, not only are you guaranteed the right fit for your needs but unparalleled style.
Inspired by classic cycling with the speed and maneuverability for the modern city cyclist,
Cauvin and Lafleur bring you personalized components that can be mixed and matched.

We also welcome you to the store for tune-ups, repairs and individual pieces, specializing in retrofitting vintage bicycles.
Jean-Michel and Jean-Daniel are proud supporters of sustainable and locally made products.


Founded in 2013 in Montreal. East Laurier aims to promote individual and collective elevation through running.
The club has become a hub for artists, entrepreneurs, and young professionals from an array of fields of practice.
Through initiatives in the likes of the #MTLMile, East Laurier is a catalyst for the creative minds and athletes that compose the team.
We meet every Tuesday at 7:30pm at the intersection Laurier and Garnier.


Richard comes from Reunion, where he practiced bodyboarding.
In Montreal he tried bodyboarding river.
However bodyboarding is not adapted to this wave of river, Richard has tried surfing, which is much more suitable.
Richard has therefore developed river surfing for 4 years.